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Engineered Floors

The brilliant looks of a TORLYS Smart Hardwood floor is only matched by its intelligent design. A new TORLYS hardwood floor not only captures the beauty of natural wood, it’s also gap, cup and dent resistant. Plus, it’s a responsible decision you can feel great about because your floor was created with minimal environmental impact.

Why smart hardwood?


  • Multiple layers of scratch-resistant,  eco-friendly, water-based urethane  finish that is warranted for up to 35 years.

  • Patented Uniclic® Joint resists ugly gapping. No other joint outperforms TORLYS Uniclic® Joint.

  • TORLYS Smart Core is ultra dense and engineered to be more dent resistant than conventional hardwood.

  • Move It and Re-use It—every TORLYS floor can be disassembled and re-used in another room or home.


Starts beautiful, stays beautiful

Stunning collections. Excellent warranties. A product rating system makes it easy to select the perfect hardwood. Created with minimal environmental impact. TORLYS smart hardwood is easy to install and maintain, and designed for long-lasting beauty.

Smart UNICLICK joint technology


  • The strongest-possible joint in flooring today.

  • Constant lower lip pressure creates the tightest joint.

  • Tested to withstand extraordinary joint stress—more than 1,000 lbs of pressure per linear yard is needed to pull apart two TORLYS planks.

  • Milled to 1/1000 of an inch for the most exacting fit.


Most swell resistant


  • Tested in water for 24 hours, TORLYS floors outperform. While ordinary floors can swell 20% or more, TORLYS

  • Smart Floors register as low as 6%.

  • Lowest swell rates prevent ugly raised edges and reduce chipping.


Available collections at Bowen Hardwood & Stairs

Artisan Elite

Artisan Elite

Beauty is enhanced by unique characteristics. Natural lines. Lively grains. Unique textures. Every floor in the TORLYS Artisan Elite collection is full of character and will make any space unforgettable.

artisan-elite-hardwood 2.jpg

handcrafted. memorable

Character hardwood in long, wide planks in random lengths.

The Plank

  • 1/2" thickness x 6 1/4" width x RL (Random Lengths 24" - 72")

  • 12mm thickness x 158mm width x RL (Random Lengths 610mm - 1830mm)


Hawks Ridge Oak_.jpg

Hawks Ridge Oak*

Brookhaven Oak_.jpg

Brookhaven Oak*

Ravenscroft Oak_.jpg

Ravenscroft Oak*

Avondale Oak.jpg
Thornbrook Maple_.jpg
Cobble Hill Maple_.jpg

Avondale Oak

Thornbrook Maple*

Cobble Hill Maple*

Hollybrook Maple.jpg

Hollybrook Maple

Bracken Hill Maple.jpg

Bracken Hill Maple

Stonecrest Ash.jpg

Stonecrest Ash

Orchard Cliffs Walnut_.jpg

Orchard Cliffs Walnut*



*High Shade Variation

The Look


Soft handscraping, wirebrushed and/or cross-saw cut for a traditional, hand-crafted look. Contrasting shades or traditional natural beauty.


The Feel


Rustic, crafted, in matte or medium gloss finishes to emphasize natural grains.

The Details


  • 4-sided bevel
    CorkPlus™ attached cork underlay with Microban® antimicrobial protection.


Artisan Premier
Artisan Premier

Vintage-inspired and lightly distressed, Artisan Premier floors create a sense of old-world charm to any design style. These floors add warmth and character to spaces from the most minimal design style to the wonderful eclecticism of transitional tastes.


artisan-premier-hardwood 2.jpg

vintage-inspired. timeworn.

Vintage-inspired hardwood in wide planks in random lengths.



  • 3/8" thickness x 5" width x RL (Random Lengths 12" - 48")

  • 10.7mm thickness x 127mm width x RL (Random Lengths 400mm - 1200mm)



Italian Roast Oak_.jpg

Italian Roast Oak*

New Haven Clay Oak.jpg

New Haven Clay Oak

Hot Stone Oak_.jpg

Hot Stone Oak*

Gleaming Tan Oak.jpg

Gleaming Tan Oak

Timber Dust Oak_.jpg

Timber Dust


Coastal Villa Oak.jpg

Coastal Villa


Mountain Smoke Oak.jpg

Mountain Smoke Oak

Sandy Cove Hickory.jpg

Sandy Cove Hickory

Forest Trail Hickory.jpg

Forest Trail Hickory

Mohave Sunset Hickory.jpg

Mojave Sunset Hickory

*High Shade Variation


The Look


Charming character floors in lightly distressed looks.


The Feel


Beautiful grains that are softly textured in a matte finish.

The Details


4-sided bevel
CorkPlus™ attached cork underlay with Microban® antimicrobial protection.


Summit Elite
Summit Elite

The TORLYS Summit Elite collection brings the natural feel and beauty of wood to any space but in a trend-forward way. Capturing the true essence of the wood, this collection is truly gorgeous.

summit-elite-hardwood 2.jpg

natural. elegant.

Distinctive, wide planks in random lengths.



  • 1/2” (thickness) x 6-1/4” (width) x RL (Random Length)

  • 12mm (thickness) x 158mm (width) x RL (Random Length)



Langford Smoked Oak_ .jpg

Langford Smoked Oak*

Dorset Oak_.jpg

Dorset Oak*

Kensington Oak_.jpg

Kensington Oak*

Southampton Oak_.jpg

Southampton Oak*

Brentwood Oak.jpg

Brentwood Oak

Bristol Oak_.jpg

Bristol Oak*

Stratford Walnut_.jpg

Stratford Walnut*

Manor Hill Walnut_.jpg

Manor Hill Walnut*

Springfield Maple_.jpg

Springfield Maple*

Middleton Maple_.jpg

Middleton Maple*

*High Shade Variation


The Look


Soft colours and clean lines for a natural looking hardwood floor.


The Feel


Oaks, Maples and Walnuts with distinct, impressive finishes.

The Details


4-sided bevel planks with attached CorkPlus™ underlay with Microban®antimicrobial protection.


Summit Premier
Summit Premier

Wide planks. Natural colours. Oil finish. TORLYS Summit Premier collection is affordable elegance that will accentuate any décor.

summit-premier-temp 2.jpg

inspired. genuine.

Wide and long planks



  • 1/2” (thickness) x 5-5/8” (width) x 46-3/4” (length)

  • 13mm (thickness) x 142mm (width) x 1187mm (length)




Somerset Oak.jpg



New Haven Oak_.jpg

New Haven Oak*

Providence Oak_.jpg

Providence Oak*

Fairhaven Oak.jpg

Fairhaven Oak

Cumberland Oak_.jpg
Hillsborough Oak.jpg
Hartford Washed Oak_.jpg



Hillsborough Oak

Hartford Washed Oak*


The Look


Wide planks in natural, warm colours.


The Feel


Oil finished to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty.

The Details


4 sided bevel
TORLYS underlayment is required.


Everest Designer
Everest Designer

Extra long, wide planks enhance the smooth and sophisticated appeal of the Everest Designer Collection. Venture into a world of breathtaking floors in species such as Rosewood, Walnut and Oak.


everest-designer-hardwood 2.jpg

breathtaking. haute-decor.



Widest & longest planks in the Everest Collection



  • 5/8” (thickness) x 6-1/4” (width) x 70-7/8” (length)

  • 15mm (thickness) x 160mm (width) x 1800mm (length)




Highland Oak.jpg

Highland Oak

Crystal White Oak.jpg

Crystal White Oak

Winter Hills Oak

Saddle Brown Oak

Vintage Oak.jpg

Vintage Oak

 Peppercorn Oak.jpg

Peppercorn Oak

Cambridge Clay Oak.jpg

Cambridge Clay Oak

Coral Beach Rosewood.jpg

Coral Beach Rosewood

Cliffside Walnut.jpg



Meadowlark Walnut.jpg




The Look


From dramatic, contrasting grains to soft, muted colours.
Subtle finishes enhance natural beauty.
Extra wide and long planks.


The Feel


Smooth and textured finishes

The Details


Extra-long 4-sided bevel planks with attached CorkPlus™ underlay with Microban® antimicrobial protection.


Everest Elite
Everest Elite

Long and wide planks create dramatic and memorable spaces. Beauty and sustainable practices drive the thinking behind every Everest Elite floor. We produce up to 30 times more hardwood flooring from a single tree versus conventional solid hardwood.


dramatic. impressive.

Longer, wider planks



  • 1/2” (thickness) x 4-7/8” (width) x 70-7/8” (length)

  • 12mm (thickness) x 124mm (width) x 1600mm / 1800mm (length)



Red Oak Natural.jpg

Red Oak Natural

Hearthstone Oak.jpg

Hearthstone Oak

Steamed Bamboo.jpg

Steamed Bamboo

Maple Natural .jpg

Maple Natural

American Walnut.jpg

American Walnut


The Look


Wood grain contours are softly textured. You can feel the difference: warm to the touch, comfortable and quiet underfoot.


The Feel


Micro-bevels and low-gloss finishes add to the overall look and feel of high quality flooring.

The Details


  • 0.5mm (20mils) wear layer.

  • 4-sided finished bevels.

  • CorkPlus™ attached cork underlay with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.


Everest Premier
Everest Premier

Everest Premier is a classic collection in Oak and Birch. History, continuity and splendor marry together and form a series that is warm and endearing.  The timeless beauty of wood in a 4-7/8 inch wide plank and a 47-3/8 inch length.


everest-premier-hardwood 2.jpg

striking. refined.

Warm, classic hardwood.


  • 3/8” (thickness) x 4-7/8” (width) x 47-3/8” (length)

  • 10mm (thickness) x 124mm (width) x 1203mm (length)


Mountain Trail Oak

Cinnamon Spice Oak

Simply  Suede Oak

Pebble Oak

City Block Shale

Alabaster Oak

Timberframe Oak

Bedtime Cocoa Oak

Beachside Oak

Cityscape White Oak

Birch Natural.jpg

Birch Natural


The Look


A classic looking hardwood collection in Oak and Birch


The Feel


Smooth and textured finishes

The Details

4-sided bevel planks with attached CorkPlus™ underlay with Microban®antimicrobial protection.


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