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Whatever your style and budget, we pride ourselves in helping you find the outstanding look and long-lasting quality you seek.  Questions? Contact us or drop by our new showroom and walk-in warehouses today…

Lend a refined touch to any décor with quality hardwood floors from Bowen Hardwood & Stairs. With a variety of styles, wood grains, grades and finishes to choose from, the options are limitless.  Whatever the look you choose, it's sure to enhance any room and add value to your home. Truly a great investment.

Laminate flooring is perfect for people who love the natural look and feel of hardwood or stone, but are concerned that their busy lifestyle might damage these natural materials.

Vinyl floor offers trendy colors in order to compliment the decor of your home in addition to providing a high resistance due to the fiberglass added to the structure. Come and see Vinyl flooring at Bowen Hardwood &  Stairs.

Make an impact with quality engineered flooring options from Bowen Hardwood & Stairs. Built to last and resist against warping, these floors can be nailed, stapled, glued or floated over a wide variety of subfloors, including concrete, OSB, plywood - even existing hardwood or vinyl. An ideal choice for radiant heating.

A popular floor covering from the past, cork flooring is now enjoying a strong resurgence in popularity, fast becoming one of the most beautiful and comfortable flooring materials available. Because cork is comprised of 50% air, it benefits from excellent shock absorbing and sound deadening properties, creating durable floors that resist scuffs and stains, disguise dust, and are warm to the touch.

The feel. The look. The allure. Create a truly unique and enjoyable flooring experience with TORLYS Leather. Made with 100% recycled leather, TORLYS Leather is an adventurous, sophisticated choice that will ignite the senses as well as the imagination. It’s time to express your bold sense of style. Available in luxurious planks or sophisticated tile.

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