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Norton BlueFire


  • Mounted to a belt machine for continuous sanding

  • Used to do the main portion of the floor

  • Ideal for heavy stock removal

  • Leveling floors and achieving a very smooth finish

  • Popular with professional contractors for use on larger jobs

Norton Nor Grip

Hook & Loop orbital sanding disk 5'' 8 Hole

  • Hook and loop fastener is easy to use and makes disc changes fast

  • Water-based stearate coating resists loading for extended abrasive life

  • Open-coat disc construction means that the disc is more flexible and resistant to clogging than a closed-coat disc

Silicon Carbide

Edger disk

  • Bolt-on edger discs

  • Used on a hand held edger machines

  • Sands areas where the drum/belt sander does not reach

Norton BlueFire


  • Used to do the main portion of the floor
  • A pre-cut roll cover is cut to spec and mechanically applied to a rubber drum
  • Rolls are preferred for their ease of storing and carrying over pre-cut sheets
  • Rolls are generally used for larger jobs and for sports floors
  • Commonly used in the rental trade due to its lower cost versus belt sanders
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