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New this year at Bowen Hardwood & Stairs, we now stock the Bona Finishes.


Today Bona is a world leading innovator with a unique system, having local presence all across the world. Since established in 1919 they are now present in more than 50 different countries all over the world. 

With Bona you can expect a commitment that lasts for generations.                                                 


Bona Mega
Bona Traffic
Bona DTS

Bona Traffic is a waterborne, commercial and residential hardwood floor finish. It is the industry's premium finish for durability and beauty.  Designed specifically for the unique demands of heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Bona Traffic's advanced formula provides the ultimate in durability, outperforming any finish in the industry - moisture cure, solvent-based, oil-modified or other.

Bona DTS (Deep Tone Sealer) is a specifically formulated waterborne sanding sealer that develops a vibrant look and deep, natural tone to individual wood species. The unique "wet look" appearance accentuates the natural pigmentation and color characteristics of the wood.

Woodline Poly

Bowen Hardwood & Stairs carries the one component waterborne Bona Mega, residential and commercial hardwood floor finish. The proven performance and value standard in the industry, Bona Mega is an oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane (OCP) waterborne formula with extraordinary performance. The oxygen in the air is the crosslinker. No additives to mix, no limited pot life, and no wasted finish.


Bonaseal is a specially formulated waterborne sealer for use with all Bona waterborne finishes. The exceptionally clear formula highlights the natural color of the wood, minimizes grain raise and tannin bleed, provides a build layer, and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface. Virtually odorless and nonflammable.

A premium, oil-modified wood floor finish formulated for interior use on residential and commercial wood floors. Provides a tough, protective coat. Slight amber color - enhances natural color of wood.

Woodline Poly only available in quarts.

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